VoIP Network Assessments

Before you know how much a VoIP deployment will cost and how successful it will be, you need to understand if your data network can carry high-quality voice transmissions. The odds
are that a network upgrade will be needed to successfully deploy VoIP.

Consider the facts:

"85% of today's router-based data networks are not ready for successful voice deployment."

Through 2008, 75 percent of enterprises that do not perform a pre-implementation analysis of their IP network infrastructure will not achieve a successful VoIP implementation.
Gartner Group

The fastest and most cost effective way to determine your network's VoIP readiness is to conduct a Network Center Communications VoIP Network Assessment. The assessment quickly diagnoses all your network issues so by the time you begin your VoIP deployment, you have a converged network that will carry high-quality voice transmissions.

Consider the core information the Network Center Communications VoIP assessments deliver:
  • The MOS call quality score between all business sites
  • How many concurrent VoIP calls each WAN will support between sites
  • The amount of network delay, loss and jitter for each WAN and LAN connection and how to eliminate these problems
  • How to upgrade your network to support quality VoIP
  • How much it will cost to upgrade your network to support high quality VoIP

With this information determined before you deploy VoIP, your initial deployment will exceed user expectations and reduce your deployment risks and costs.

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