Voice Services

In all businesses the telephone system is a vital connection to your colleagues within and the world outside your door. Whether receiving customer calls or placing calls to obtain the items vital to your business, the telephone system is a core component in the successful operation of your business. During these interactions there is little that is more frustrating than not being able to make this connection. It could cost you a customer sale, the passing of a deadline because you cannot reach a colleague, or missing out on a deal with a vendor. The telephone system in an office is seldom thought about until it doesn't work and creates a critical impact.

With a brand such as NEC we can tailor a system to meet your current needs and allow for future expansion, flexibility, and added system demand. These high volume systems are capable of handling the rigors of office communication. With the latest in software and hardware, communication over your existing data network, remote support capability, and stylish and functional desksets you can rest comfortably knowing that you can rely on your system.

Looking for an external voice message system, call accounting software, paging equipment, or telephone accessories? NetWork Center Communications has a solution for your need. See below for links to the respective pages.

  • Telephone Systems


    Offering full Voice Over IP or Hybrid based Communication Systems with the technology to meet your needs.

  • Hosted IP Phone System

    freedom iq

    A fully Hosted PBX featuring scalability and applications at a low price offering.

  • Voice Mail \ Unified Messaging


    Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) delivers data and telephony infrastructure solutions to increase productivity.

  • Call Accounting


    The best in Call Accounting and Call Recording Solutions.

  • Paging Systems


    Valcom has been a leader for 30+ years in loudspeaker paging and telecommunication system enhancement intercom products.

  • Accessories


    Both Polycom and Plantronics are leaders in real-time communication devices and accessories.